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There are a number of advantages to getting a bad credit car loan from pay here car dealers. With this type of loan, you get financing directly from the dealer and there is no credit check. Although these dealers have helped many people finance a car, it's not always the best choice for bad credit car loans.

For those people who are unfamiliar with where to find bad credit buy here pay here car lots or that are unsure of what they mean, it refers to car dealers where you can not only purchase a vehicle with bad or poor credit. But you can receive in house financing on the spot. These are options that will be avaliable through the dealer instead of a bank, credit union or outside finance company.

Are you in the car market to purchase with bad credit?

Many people in the market for a car, especially if they have bad credit, begin their search at one of these dealers, thinking that they have no choice other than to finance at a buy here pay here car lot. They believe that, because of their low FICO scores, no regular auto dealer will be able to get them approved for a loan. In many cases, this is true.

For those needing transportation and earn $500 to $1,000 per month, with only a few weeks on the job and no credit history, the chances of getting financed at a regular dealer really are pretty slim. For these kinds of customers, a car dealer that offers in house financing may be the only way that they can finance a car.

But for the large number of bad credit customers who earn more, have at least 6 months to a year on the job and who believe that buy here pay here car lots and their credit arrangements are their only option, they may be surprised at the number of other opportunities for bad credit auto loans that they really have.

The big advantage that buy here pay here car lots offer is the fact that they don't require credit checks. But this also means that, in most cases, repaying this type of loan does not help your credit - since most of these dealers don't report any kind of payment history - bad or good - to the credit bureaus.


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